Goodness knows we need some upbeat news these days, so how about this, from Quartz:

In 2014, scientists and activists alike panicked after Monarch population numbers reached record lows the year prior. Since then, North American leaders have been cooperating to save the species. Obama’s Pollinator Health Task Force established a 1,500 mile “flyway” by rehabilitating nectar-producing plants and larva-friendly milkweed and educating residents along the migration path between Mexico and Minnesota. Additionally, US Fish and Wildlife is working with the Canadian and Mexican governments to “restore and enhance” butterfly habitats (pdf, p.38).

According to Peña Nieto’s remarks on Wednesday, the trilateral effort is working. The World Wildlife Foundation has seen a sixfold increase in the area covered by colonies since 2014, from 0.6 to 4.1 hectares. Nieto said he expects the area to more than double by 2018.

Visiting the Monarchs in Mexico is one of those life events that I hope to do some day.

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