Everybody knows the sort of companies you find on a downtown main street: Funky retailers, novel eateries, bars, music venues and professional offices. In Concord, you can add something of a surprise: Makers of very high-end computer boards.

That’s the start of my profile in the Monitor today of Bittware, a 40-ish person, seven-figure developer of high-end computer boards for database, finance and other customers which need speed that CPUs can’t deliver. The interesting thing about the company is that they’re located in the basement of a new office building on South Main Street, below an independent bookstore (Gibson’s) and its cafe.

It’s an unlikely location, maintained largely as a recruiting tool for engineers: “That has proved to be a selling point to lure employees, a way to balance out the “we’re close to Boston” argument used by companies in Hillsborough County and the Seacoast.”



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