There are technical reasons many shooters like the P320 from Sig Sauer in Newington, which won an Army contract that could be worth half a billion dollars. It doesn’t have an external hammer like the P229R and the Beretta M9, the handgun that it replaces for the Army, and it has a consistent trigger pull as compared to its double-action-single-action competitors, in which the first shot requires a harder, longer pull than subsequent shots.

But perhaps the most noticeable difference is that the P320 is modular. It has a metal frame but much of it is made of polymer materials. The grip, trigger assembly, barrel and other mechanism can be switched out to change caliber or make it accessible to add-ons like lights or a silencer, but most importantly to change its overall size. This is increasingly valuable as more women, who usually have smaller hands than men, occupy the front lines in police departments and the armed services.

You can read more in my story in today’s Monitor.

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