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Large anti-government protests in Boston are becoming more common than large celebrating-a-sports-championship rallies – and there will be another one on Sunday. It will have a geeky twist because it coincides with the huge American Association for the Advancement of Science annual meeting in town, and is designed “to call for increased vigilance to defend science against the barrage of attacks mounted by the Trump administration and Congress.”

I received an announcement about it just now and must admit being tickled by the list of visual, which is designed to lure photographers and TV cameras. The list includes “Scientists wearing lab coats”.

The rally will be held at Copley Square from noon to 1:30 p.m. It’s sponsored by and The Natural History Museum, a traveling “pop-up” museum that focus on social aspects of science as well as the fun, geeky stuff – so this is definitely focused on pushing back against climate-change denial.

The AAAS annual meeting starts Wednesday, Feb. 15, and runs through Sunday at a bunch of locations around Boston, with scores and scores of talks and presentations. It’s so enormous that it is frustrating; no matter what you attend, you’ll miss something else that you wanted to attend.



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