I installed the Tor browser at home last night. I had been thinking of using this privacy & anonymizing system for a long time, at least since I wrote about the debate over whether NH libraries can support the system, but never got around to it.

Now Congress and the president are about to toss out Internet privacy regulations, basically letting Comcast or whoever your ISP is peddle your online history to the highest bidder. So I’m going to start doing what I can to make it hard for them. It’s an annoying irritant at best, but such is life. You can learn more at the Tor Project website.

Kevin Mitnik, famous/infamous hacker, wrote a whole book about how to be invisible online: Here’s a Wired article about it, with some tips.

Note: After I posted the above to the blog, comments made by readers/friends made me take a look at setting up a personal Virtual Private Network. Fortunately, Quartz has a good piece explaining how, right here.

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