The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory and the UNH Connectivity Research Center will host the Smart Gadget Competition this Saturday, April 8, at 21 Madbury Drive. This one-day event – a hackathon — will bring together UNH students, faculty, and industry to identify a problem and build a solution utilizing sensors and LoRaWAN radios, which use the LoRa standard created to make low cost, bidirectional mobile communications for low-bandwidth Internet of Things devices.

UNH-IOL has partnered with Connectivity and the Peter T. Paul Entrepreneurship Center to create the event. Small, established teams will brainstorm to solve problems and share their solutions with the other competing teams. The competition will offer cash prizes to the winning teams. Each gadget would be rated on the novel application of the technology, the most viable product, and the completeness of solution.

The Smart Gadget Competition is designed to allow UNH students of all majors and skill levels to collaborate and build a custom IoT solution. Participants will be trained on how to access Senet’s LoRaWan network and develop a real product prototype using a MultiConnect mDot module for LoRa technology from MultiTech together with STMicroelectronics’ environmental and proximity sensors. In addition, students get to keep their finished products.

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