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Back in 1993, a group of folks got together to figure what the city of Keene needed for electric cars to thrive. After months of effort as part of a national competition, six people, including engineers, architects, planners and designers, came up with a series of ideas that a quarter-century later look impressively predictive.

That’s the start of a story I wrote back in April, looking back at how New Hampshire won a national contest in an era when electric cars were still full of lead-acid batteries. (You can read it here)

Now its 2017 and Teslas are all over the place, but there’s still a lot of hand-wringing about how to set up car-charging stations, such as this GreenCarReports story about whether the gas-station model all wrong for EVs. (Spoiler alert: Yes, it is all wrong.)

In the article, the CEO of Chargepoint says a big problem is signage and brandiing – nobody knows where car chargers are. That is probably the biggest problem that the Keene folks tackled – part of it was to develop the excellent icon shown above which, alas, never got used by anybody.


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