Remember the Mirai botnet that walloped Dyn in October of 2016 and took some major websites offline? The venerable Krebs on Security reports that two men have pleaded guilty:

Jha and White were co-founders of Protraf Solutions LLC, a company that specialized in mitigating large-scale DDoS attacks. Like firemen getting paid to put out the fires they started, Jha and White would target organizations with DDoS attacks and then either extort them for money to call off the attacks, or try to sell those companies services they claimed could uniquely help fend off the attacks.

In addition, the Mirai co-creators pleaded guilty to charges of using their botnet to conduct click fraud — a form of online advertising fraud that will cost Internet advertisers more than $16 billion this year.

You can read the whole report, which is thorough in typical Krebs way, right here.

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