After Volkswagen was caught letting people die for profit – not sure how else to describe years of effort to hide the fact that their diesel cars spewed out too much cancer-causing and respiratory-disease-causing particles – they agreed to fork over lots of money so that people wouldn’t get so mad at them that we’d stop buying their stuff.

Some of that money is coming to New Hampshire;  almost $31 million, of which about $4.6 million is earmarked to help electric vehicles.

As New Hampshire Business Review reports in this article, one of the ideas for this money is to get Northeastern states and Quebec to band together and create a Quebec-to-D.C. corridor for charging electric vehicles. Quebec is a relative hotbed for electric cars, and if we want those folks to come south and spend money, we need to make it easy for them to charge on the way.

It’s a good idea, but it would require a level of cooperation that’s hard to find these days. We’ll see.


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