The Alliance for Green Heat is an organization that supports burning wood for, as you might suspect, heat. Among other things, it sponsors an annual competition to build a better wood stove.

This year’s competition, the fourth, has an added wrinkle: Part of it “will focus on thermoelectric wood stoves that generate electricity to power lights, cell phones, and WiFi-enabled controls.”

“This is the first Wood Stove Challenge to promote wood stoves that generate electricity to power everything from a cell phone to an entire home.  Thermoelectric wood stoves, when integrated with solar PV systems and home batteries like the TESLA Powerwall, have the potential to make solar energy more affordable, reduce air pollution, and pave the way for a more sustainable energy future, ” according to Ken Adler, Senior Technology Advisor at the Alliance for Green Heat and formerly with the U.S. EPA.

Interesting idea. Whether it’s feasible is another matter, of course.

Details of the contest can be found here.

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