Science Cafe New Hampshire just celebrated its seventh anniversary – seven! holy cow – with its regular monthly conversations in Nashua and Concord.

In Concord, where I moderate, the topic was “reinventing recycling” and the conversation was just terrific, ranging from the mundane (can I leave the tops on plastic bottles when I recycle them? answer: yes) to very high-level debate (we can’t go on generating so much crap, especially plastic crap, and maybe the market shocks caused by China cracking down on taking recycled material will make up face up to it).

The panelists were knowledgeable and articulate – Michael Durfor, Executive Director of Northeast Resource Recovery Association. Michael Nork, environmental analyst with the state Solid Waste Management Bureau.  Richard Lee, public works director, town of New London – and the questions from the standing-room-only crowd were excellent. We had to turn a few people away, it was so crowded.

You can watch it on YouTube, right here, thanks to ConcordTV, which films every session and puts them only. They are shared with other community-access channels around the country; I’m told we’re particularly popular in Utah and New Jersey.



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