Regular readers will know that the original science fiction magazine “Amazing Stories” has developed a New Hampshire connection, since a state resident bought the rights to the name and relaunched it, first online and most recently (as I noted here) in print.

A confusing part of this story has been who is going to make an “Amazing Stories” TV show, similar to the one that Steven Spielberg had in the mid-1980s. (I watched that “Twilight Zone”-like show at the time, and it was pretty lame. “Black Mirror” is way, way better.)

Well, Steve Davidson, the guy who has relaunched the magazine, pointed out this week:

Various local and web-based news sources that cover casting calls and filming announcements in Georgia announced that a project called “Puget Sound” had issued casting calls. It was subsequently revealed that Puget Sound is the code name for the “Amazing Stories” television show.

The website for WMAZ, Channel 13, announced that filming had begun in Forsyth, Georgia, with the Forsyth courthouse being re-named the Bradford Police department. We certainly hope things go well and hope that this suggests that Apple has finalized its plans for its streaming service, which has previously touted “Amazing Stories” as one of its premiere offerings.


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