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Foster’s Daily Democrat, the daily newspaper in Dover, has an interesting story (read it here) about something interesting in the brand-new Dover High School: It has no urinals in the boys’ restrooms, and no shared showers – they’re all individual, separated by curtains. Both changes are made because of students’ concerns.

“It is slowly trending that way due to privacy issues,” he said of new school construction not including urinals, though he noted it’s not widespread. “It is dependent on the request of the school district.”

Many folks have noted an apparent trend in which younger males are less comfortable than males of my generation with nudity in locker rooms – e.g., this article. I don’t know if there’s any similar trend in female athletic spaces.

The story manages to bring in Marcel Duchamp’s “Fountain,” the absurdist sculpture that consisted of a urinal stuck in a museum, but claims that it was the first public urinal. That’s a little odd, since urinals existed since at least the Civil War era; it seems to have misinterpreted the badly worded material in this website.



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