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Researchers with Alene Candles, a firm based in Milford, N.H., that is a major contract candle manufacturer, were recently assigned a patent for inventing a new way to make “marbled” candles with swirls of color. Here’s how the company described it:

Previously, this look was only achieved when producing a limited number of candles by hand; after years of research and perfecting the process, Alene can now create thousands of candles with this look on its production line.

Alene’s Research & Development team … spent two years perfecting the production process, ensuring that the technique could work within the company’s existing production line. The patented process includes ‘painting’ dye on parts of the candle container’s interior surface; after filling the container with wax, the process then calls for using specific temperatures to manipulate how the ‘painted’ dye disperses, achieving the desired marbled look.

Maxim Donnelly of Hooksett, Lilia Morales of Lee and Thomas Donnelly of Bedford, members of Alene’s Research & Development team, are the co-inventors listed on this patent. This is the second patent awarded to Alene.

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