Science Cafe NH in Nashua will take your questions about vaccines at the next session, on Wednesday, May 8, at 6 p.m. Free, of course. I’ll be interested to see how disputative it gets.

Riverwalk Cafe isn’t all that huge, so I suggest you show up early to ensure a seat. There’s no reservation system in the Nashua SCNH, unlike in Concord.

Over the eight years that we’ve held Science Cafe NH we’ve had a few controversial topics, including vaccination during our first year. But the only time things have gotten unpleasant was a session about public water fluoridation – anti-fluoride people showed up and were quite aggressive towards people rather than discussing the issue. At the time it was a surprise but nowadays that seems to be the norm in any discussion about any controversial topic. Let’s hope things stay civil in Nashua.

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