The National Weather Service says that Concord – the site of its official weather station – had “measurable precipitation” on 19 of April’s 30 days, the most on record. Previously, the biggest number of rainy days in the month of April was 17 – and that was clear back in 1878.

This doesn’t mean we broke a record for the total amount of rainfall, since many of those days saw little more than drizzle. It’s just that we rarely got to see sunshine.

This led me to indulge in a bit of Poe parody:

Once upon an April dreary; while I pondered weak and weary
Over many a dank and soggy forecast of meteorologist’s lore
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly the smartphone’s zapping
As if some bad news flexing, texting, brings a weather app to the fore

… Quoth the forecast: Rain Some More.

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