Even as New Hampshire faces another measles scare (an infected child in Keene), a North County hotel beloved by parts of New York’s Orthodox Jewish community is pushing back against that group’s anti-vaccination claims.

As I report in the Monitor (read the story here), an anti-vaccination gathering that featured prominent antivaxxers – including Andrew Wakefield, whose faked vaccine/autism paper kicked off the whole mess – advertised a free stay at the Arlington Hotel in Bethlehem, N.H., as a prize.

The Arlington has a long connection as a summer resort for that city’s Orthodox – it’s so well-known that the poster announcing the prize just said “Arlington Hotel” and didn’t need to say where it was.

But the hotel says it didn’t know about the prize and its spokeswoman disclaimed any connection to the group, which she called a “very small, very loud” portion of the community.

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