The legislature has passed and Gov. Sununu has signed into law a bill to study tiny houses, specifically “issues associated with state and local permitting of tiny houses suitable for year-round occupancy, including both tiny houses on permanent foundations and tiny houses on wheels. Such issues shall include, but not be limited to, building codes, fire codes, conflicts with local land use ordinances and regulations, and other local codes.

And there’s this, which seems like a good idea: “The committee shall determine what constitutes a ‘tiny house’.”

Good question. I’ve used 400 square feet as the max, but such a number is yanked from thin air.

Speaking of bills-to-study-something that Sununu has signed, there’s also this one: “to examine the effects of wake boats in the state of New Hampshire.”

At first I thought that was a woke boat, or a floating device that is alert to injustice in society. But it’s a wake boat, which is designed to create a very large wake behind it even when not traveling quickly so that water-skiers and water-boarders can play on them. Big wakes cause lots of erosion when they hit the shoreline, so wake boats can be a big problem on small lakes. They also raise environmental concern because, unlike most boats on small lakes, they use ballast water to make themselves heavier – and ballast water is a common route by which invasive species are carried from one body of water to another.

One other new law of mild geek interest: You can no longer buy a 4-week-old rabbit. They now have to be 8 weeks old to be sold or given away as prizes. The change was made to give them time to be weaned before taken from their mothers.

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