An analysis of Census Bureau data by N.H. Employment Security shows that, on average, women in New Hampshire are more educated than men but their full-time salaries are less, partly because of pay differences in the fields where many of them work (e.g., construction for men, child care for women).

(Note: My article about this in the Monitor, written after I interviewed the report’s author, has some more details and some different details – you can read it here.)

Women also participate less in the workforce than men unless they have a graduate degree, perhaps because they take on a greater share of child-raising and it’s less worth their while to get an outside job with a lower salary.

There’s lots more detail in the report, which you can read here. Here are three charts to highlight what I just mentioned:

Women have more college degrees than men in New Hampshire.


Men in full-time jobs make more than women at all education levels in New Hampshire.
Except for graduate-level degrees, N.H. men participate in the workforce more than women.

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