You probably know about the Frank Lloyd Wright house in Manchester, but there’s a second one made of concrete blocks. It is a “Usonian Automatic,” a very rare example of a failed attempt by Wright to create cheap but good-looking homes on a sort of Lego-like model that could be assembled by the homeowners.

Unlike the main Wright house, which is owned by a museum and open to the public, this one is owned by a private family which wanted to stay private and has long rebuffed attempts for media coverage.

But now they’re selling the house, so they’re happy to have coverage. NHPR has a good piece, which includes a video “tour”. You can check it out here.

The Usonian Automatics are constructed out of stacked concrete blocks. The Kalil House is made out of an estimated 4,800 individually cast rectangles, reinforced with rebar. They make up the walls and ceiling of the 1,480 square foot main home, as well as the small outbuilding on the .78 acre property.

Asking price is $850,000, by the way.

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