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A Concord resident and UNH law school professor has written a book called “Sharenthood” that I assumed would mostly be a screed telling parents not to put so much stuff on Facebook about their kids. It covers that, but a lot more, as I mention in my story in the Monitor:

“The term ‘sharenting’ – I think it’s being used too often in too limited a way,” she said in a recent interview. “It’s just the tip of the iceberg, what parents do on social media. And that kind of discussion may hide the global problem we have. Having the A.I. assistant, smart home, tracking or surveillance device actively or passively picking up family data, including kids data. … And that data is out there, with data brokers and other commercial providers trading it, largely unregulated. There is a gold rush for data in the private sector, but we have very little ability to get transparency about how it’s being collected and being used.”

Yes, it’s something else to be alarmed about in today’s world … sigh …

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