Back in February I mentioned that LIDAR mapping of the White Mountains found that Mt. Tecumseh is only 3,995 feet tall, potentially removing it from the list of 4000-footers  maintained by the Appalachian Mountain Club.

The idea of the iconic list of peaks being altered got a lot of people worked up, so as part of year-end cleanup I thought I’d see if there’s an update. Nina Paus-Weiler, the communications manager for AMC, emailed the 4,000-Footer Committee is still deliberating on whether the work will change the current NH48 list. “They might come to a conclusion about this at their annual April meeting, but things still seem fairly uncertain,” she noted.

Incidentally, I am not a peak-bagger, mostly because some of the 4,000-footers are boring or pointlessly difficult. If I’m going to take time to go hiking I’d rather climb an entertaining shorter peak like Chocorua than something like Owls Head, which I’m told is an endless flat slog and then a killer climb with no view and no obvious summit.

My family was on 4,459-foot Mt. Liberty on Christmas Eve. Up-and-down on Liberty Springs Trail is about the limit of my day-hiking any more. Man, was I beat.

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