The New Hampshire legislature has tabled – “laid to table” is the phrase they use – efforts to give degree-granting status to Signum University, an online masters-level college with a small physical presence in Nashua. That doesn’t mean the idea is dead, since the bill can be resurrected this session, but it’s not exactly a vigorous thumbs-up.

The school has a very focused curriculum: Fantasy fiction, especially J.R.R. Tolkien and similar works (Narnia, Harry Potter, etc.) and a bit of science fiction, plus Medieval languages. I wrote about it recently – you can see details here.

The House Education Committee had previously voted against the idea, although by a slim margin. A major concern seemed to be fear that it would lead students into more debt – getting degree-granting status and then accreditation would make the school eligible for federal school loans – without much return.

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