The Telegraph of Nashua, which when I worked there was the state’s second-biggest daily newspaper by circulation and may still be – who knows what anybody’s circulation is these days? – is going all-digital except for the weekend paper.

The company announced the change in Sunday Telegraph today, saying “we at The Telegraph are moving to online, mobile and text notification news during the week. With COVID-19 all around us, this is the time for change.” (Here’s the story but it’s behind a hard paywall – hey, they’ve got to make money somehow.)

COVID is accelerating the long-running decline of print newspapers’ business models all over the country (it wiped out most of the Concord Monitor’s local print advertising overnight), causing newsroom layoffs and the closing of some papers. IndepthNH has a nice roundup of everybody’s status here.

It will be interesting to see how this works out for the Telegraph because nobody except a very few national/international publications has figured out how to make enough money online to support journalism.

Note, by the way, that the Telegraph does not own a printing press, so cutting back on print runs will save it all, or almost all, of the contract cost. The Monitor does still own its own press (not many papers in New Hampshire do) so even if we skipped printing some days, we’d still have all the fixed costs and the savings wouldn’t be much.

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