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In 1999 at the iconic New Hampshire gaming arcade Funspot, a guy named Billy Mitchell achieved the first-ever perfect score on an arcade version of Pac-Man – 3,333,270 points over about six hours. Since then, his claim and other of his arcade records have been embroiled in controversy involving geeky details of intense interest to non-arcade-game-fanatics, such as whether he used a different circuit board.

The result is that his claims of various video game records have been annulled. Last September, as I noted, he threatened to sue for deafamation of character and now, says ArsTechnica, he has. The suit turns on Mitchell’s Donkey Kong scores, but it mentions his Pac-Man achievement:

Mitchell returned to gaming in the late 1990’s. On July 3, 1999, 9 Mitchell achieved the first perfect score of 3,333,360 points on the original Pac-Man. As a result, 10 Pac-Man’s manufacturer, Namco, brought Mitchell to Japan for the Tokyo Game Show and named 11 him the “Video Game Player of the Century.”

Mitchell wants compensatory and punitive damages of unspecified amount.

He’s quite the publicity hound who has been in a few documentary films over the years, so it’s not surprising that he’s not taking this quietly.

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