I haven’t seen Comet Neowise yet because the clouds have always been in the wrong place (I don’t have great horizon views from my home due to trees). So let’s enjoy this photo from July 15 showing it next to Mount Madison in the Presidential Range, taken by Ryan Knapp, Weather Observer and Meteorologist at Mount Washington Observatory.

I swiped it (with permission!) from his Twitter feed, where he commented:

I kept seeing the comet while driving through Pinkham, so I finally caved to the comet’s siren song and pulled over to snap a quick pic.

If it wasn’t foggy, tonight would be the first night that the comet would be visible from sunset until sunrise for our location.

I haven’t been in the Whites since late winter. I think a visit is in order soon.

Here’s how to spot Neowise, courtesy of Earthsky.org.

Many people print the name is all caps because it was discovered by NASA’s Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) mission, but I find that visually distracting.

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