The Vermont statehouse has 250 kW of li-ion batteries for backup power, replacing an old diesel generator. It appears to be the first installation in any statehouse. Unlike a generator, which just sits there most of the time, they’ll also be available to store and release electricity to help stabilize the grid – the huge advantage of batteries over other backup systems.

They’re a very visible example of Green Mountain Power’s “bring your own device” program for such backup in homes and businesses. The company has a long press release. A snippet:

The Samsung Mega E2 batteries were installed in the basement of the statehouse where a failing fossil fueled generator from the 1960’s once was. The 250 kWh of battery power came online this fall, and now backs up more critical systems for the historic building, including the elevator.

The statehouse battery project is expected to save Vermont taxpayers $44,000 and GMP customers an additional $18,000 over ten years while also supplying clean backup power. The batteries are projected to reduce carbon emissions by 6,388 pounds per year, the equivalent of not using 326 gallons of gasoline.

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