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There’s a bill before the legislature, HB 588, that would require towns to allow standalone “tiny houses” anywhere they allow single-family homes or detached accessory dwelling units (“in-law apartments”).

Citizens Count, a nonprofit news group, has a story here.

The bill establishes various other requirements for tiny houses. For example, tiny houses have to follow fire codes. If the house is on a trailer, the trailer must be licensed, registered, and inspected.

Lastly, this bill requires towns and cities to pass zoning laws to address tiny house parks – a group setting of at least four tiny houses.

HB 588 is a repeat of a 2020 bill, SB 482. That bill died during the coronavirus shutdown.

This article shot instantly to the top of the most-read list on the Concord Monitor website almost as soon as we posted it. People are really, really interested in tiny houses.

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