New Hampshire is falling farther behind on electric vehicles and can’t do anything new with passenger trains and has a so-so-at-best intercity bus system – but hey, let’s talk about cargo-carrying VTOL drones, autonomous to some extent. (Definitely not helicopters).

That’s the news in a Union-Leader story today, which begins:

City officials are seeking permission from aldermen to pursue a grant to assist with developing a vertiport in Manchester for high-speed, electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft.

A vertiport is considered a key component of Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute’s (ARMI’s) efforts to establish a new manufacturing industry for tissue-engineered medical products in the Queen City, according to inventor Dean Kamen.

At least it makes more sense than Musk’s underground automated-car tunnels (don’t call it an inefficient subway, please).

You can read the whole article here.

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