Regular readers know that the seal/flag of the city of Manchester includes a centrifugal governor, one of the inventions that made the Industrial Revolution possible. It’s the device with weighted arms hinged to a vertical spindle that rise or fall as the central axis spins, controlling the flow of fuel to the motor in a mechanical feedback.

I wrote about this in 2017 when there were efforts to change the city flag to something more “modern.” Those efforts failed.

Today I learned that Hillsborough County, which contains Manchester, also has a seal and it also contains a governor, as you can see above. (Sorry it’s blurry; there do not appear to be any high-res versions online.) This makes me happy.

The county seal is a typical 19th-century hodgepodge, although more attractive than most. I think the 31 stars signify 31 towns and cities in the county. My guess is that the thing on the left is a corn plant and the blobs on the right are generic river/mountain scenery. The ship in the middle is from the state seal, marking the arrival of genocidal invaders from the eastern lands across the sea.

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