It pisses me off that if I die I have to be filled with preservatives stuck in a big expensive box inside a cement vault. What a stupid waste! That’s what compost piles are for.

But allowing “green” burials often faces obstacles, as this story from the Valley News relates in a story about debate in the town of Lebanon where a five-year delay for “study” is being pushed by the cemetery trustees.

The practice usually involves the use of biodegradable coffins, caskets or shrouds and forgoes the use of a cement vault. Graves also are dug to a shallower depth — 2 to 3 feet — to encourage microbial activity to aid decomposition.

However, cemetery trustees couldn’t agree on key issues, such as who would maintain plots, what materials could be used and whether a funeral director should be required to perform a burial.

I suspect the biggest reason is that last phrase – the current system generates a lot of money for various folks, who balk at changing it.

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