A Tesla Model S Plaid will take part in the 2021 Mt. Washington Hillclimb, where 80 cars try to go up the 7.6-mile, 4,618 vertical feet road as fast as possible.

According to this post/video, it will be the first electric car to participate. (But see the first comment below, which says they’re been involved for a while.)

Electric cars are awesome for racing because of their constant torque, of course – they blow away internal-combustion engines. I don’t know how climbing affects their performance vs. ICE does for climbing, however.

A side note: Poking around for this item I found that there’s a list of cars which are banned from going up the auto road, usually because their brakes fail or they can’t stay in first gear on the way down (although the Hummer is banned because it’s too wide). Here’s an article about that from 2016..

Here’s the list of restrictions.

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