UPDATE: Here’s the link to the video. Enjoy the bubble machine and the dancers in the background! For speed listeners: You can skip the three-minute intro (although you’ll miss Sam’s cute kid) – first we talk about electricity; at about 30 min. in we switch to thermal, and at 54 minutes we switch to city planning.

Science Cafe returned to meatspace* last night for the first time in 18 months with an outdoor event at Concord’s downtown Market Days festival. Three panelists answered 75 minutes of questions about clean energy: Concord city councilor Rob Werner, energy analyst Patrick Roche of Grid Energy and Sam Evans-Brown, late of NHPR and now head of Clean Energy New Hampshire.

ConcordTV, the local cable-access channel, filmed it and will post it when edited. If you watch you’ll see the Zumba/jazzercise class in the background – being outdoors in a festival definitely brings a different vibe to intellectual discussion. (One downside to this setup: No beer. Lemonade just isn’t the same.)

One of the topics was community power, a group-energy-purchase program for municipalities in New Hampshire that is finally taking off (N.H. is way behind on innovative energy policy, due mostly to our politics).

The town of Plainfield voted this week to join the Community Power Coalition, reports Valley New (story here). Smart move.

As for you Science Cafe NH fans, I’m afraid we’ve put on hold plans to resume live events this winter for obvious COVID reasons. Maybe next spring.

*Do people still say “meatspace”?

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