Before COVID brought antivax group-think to the far-right authoritarian crowd it was mostly found in the far-left back-to-the-earth set. It’s still there: Seven Days has a good piece (read it here) about an independent publishing house in Vermont that is happily profiting from this dangerous foolishness.

If you googled how to, say, build a house from bales of straw, or grow salad greens in your closet, or manage a worm farm, or rewild Britain’s waterways with beavers, you might stumble upon the website of (Vermont publishing house) Chelsea Green, an unlikely success story in the failure-riddled ecosystem of upstart publishers.

Chelsea Green has always dabbled in fringier subjects, but in recent years, its antiauthoritarian ethos has taken the form of books … that employ debunked science and alarmist rhetoric to challenge or outright reject the medical and scientific establishment.

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