The Union-Leader reports on a message from the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport that certain instrument approaches to the airport may be affected by a 5G transmitter in Massachusetts.

“The situation as it stands right now is that our low visibility approaches to Runway 35 will be impacted by the 5G rollout and have been deemed ‘not available’ by the FAA through what is called a Notice to Airmen,” the U-L reports that the director wrote in a message to the city, which owns the airport. “This approach is the preferred approach during winter, as the wind generally favors an approach to Runway 35” because of winds coming out of the north, Kitchens said. “Should we get another round of winter weather, this may cause some flights to be cancelled at the departure airport or delayed until weather here at MHT improves.”

As you probably know, 5G rollout has been blocked around 50 major airports because of airlines’ concern that it interferes with some aircraft equipment. Manchester isn’t one of those. The whole story is here.

Like many people, I’m baffled that this has come up at the last minute after years and years and YEARS of announcements and advertisements saying that 5G is coming.

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