Citizens Count notes that there are three – count ’em, three! – bills advocating ranked-choice voting in the NH Legislature this session. Prediction: All will die in the face of the GOP’s effort to limit the effectiveness of voting.

This is Citizens Count’s quick summary of the bills:

CACR 22 is a constitutional amendment. In other words, this legislation would actually add ranked-choice voting to the New Hampshire Constitution (you can learn more about how state constitutional amendments work here). If passed, all elections in the state would be conducted using ranked-choice voting. The exact procedure would be decided by the Legislature.

HB 1264 would enable ranked-choice voting only for state party primary elections and municipal elections. State parties and municipalities wouldn’t be forced to make the change but would be given the choice to opt-in.

HB 1482 would establish ranked-choice voting for all federal and state offices in New Hampshire by 2027. Political parties and municipalities could also opt-in to ranked-choice voting starting in 2023.

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