I’m always slightly dubious of reports about the economic and job-creation effect of research grants in any geographic area because it depends on a lot of assumptions. With that in mind …

The National Institutes of Health says New Hampshire received $115 million in grant awards in 2021, which produced 1,230 direct jobs and 346 indirect ones (i.e., companies that provided equipment to a lab). Since we’re talking about health-related research I assume the money was obtained mostly by Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Dartmouth College and UNH, with a smattering to researchers at other schools and a couple of hospitals.

$115 million is nothing to sneeze at, although it’s probably just a small quarter of quarterly sales at a firm like the New Hampshire branch of defense contractor BAE Systems.

Maine’s figure was $109 million and Vermont’s $66 million, while Massachusetts at $3.3 billion was up with the big players like New York, Texas and California.

You can see the whole report here.

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