Some cryptocurrency fans make Tesla fans look restrained, and a Canadian company that has started building modular bitcoin-mining machines in Berlin, NH, is one of them.

As Bob Sanders reports in New Hampshire Business Review, the Canadian company Cathedra Bitcoin Inc. not only trots out the “helping save the world” line – a common claim from crypto miners who say they can make renewable energy more feasible by giving it a profitable task during low-usage times – but dives deep into the us-vs-them mentality in its letter to shareholders:

The letter breaks down ideologies of two worldviews: “Malthusianism,” whose “pessimistic” starting premises is scarcity, and “Prometheanism,” an optimistic belief in “human creativity (that) allows us to liberate and employ resources in a novel way.”

The shareholder letter concludes: “Bitcoin mining is a powerful ally to the Promethean cause. No two forces are more fundamental to keeping disorder at bay and advancing human civilization. We at Cathedra are not alone; there are other Prometheans working tirelessly to further this vision of a freer, more prosperous tomorrow. Human flourishing is earned, not given. Together, we win.”


You can read the whole story here. It is typical Sanders, chock full of detail and good reporting even if (IMHO) he downplays the problems with cryptocurrency.

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