Two of New Hampshire’s landfills, in Rochester and Bethlehem, are by far the biggest emitters of greenhouse gas in the state according to a just-released global survey.

The Bethlehem landfill, North Country Environmental Service, emitted 212.29 kilotons of greenhouse gas through 2021 while the Turnkey site in Rochester emitted 183.6 kilotons, putting both of them around the 8,000th worst source on the list compiled by The list includes power plants, steel mills, urban road networks, oil and gas fields, shipping, aviation, mining, waste, agriculture, road transportation, and the production of steel, cement, and aluminum.

You can see the map here.

A coalition using satellite observations, artificial intelligence and machine learning revealed on Wednesday the most comprehensive facility-level accounting of global greenhouse gas emissions, designed to help legislators and others target their response.

So far as I can tell, with the exception of Manchester-Boston airport, which ranks 11,344 on their list of 79,815 “physical assets”, all the sites in New Hampshire are landfills, which leak methane, a very potent greenhouse gas. I can’t find any of our big power plants.

In New England, the biggest emitter is Logan Airport.

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