Lawmakers are contemplating a sweeping data-protection bill in New Hampshire, reports New Hampshire Bulletin:

The whole story is here.

Sponsored by Sen. Sharon Carson, Senate Bill 255 would give consumers the right to confirm whether their data is being collected and stored; obtain a copy of their data from a business; correct any inaccuracies in that data; request that their data be deleted; and opt out of the sale of their data for advertising purposes.

The 18-page bill would require that “controllers” – businesses and companies that hold data – comply with consumers’ requests within 45 days or face investigations by the Department of Justice. 

For privacy advocates, the bill represents a step forward in New Hampshire as Congress struggles to pass a national privacy law. But the Attorney General’s Office has cautioned that the bill could be costly to enforce, arguing that the current Department of Justice staff is not sufficient to meet the proposed law’s needs. 

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