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CleanTechnica is a well-respected news site that focuses on energy and climate. It used to have much of a Tesla fancruft but has gotten much more balanced.

It runs occasional pieces by outsiders and today it’s got one titled “Climate—& A Cautionary Tale of Three New Hampshire Commissioners” by a regional director of the Union of Concerned Scientists. (Here it is.) It contrasts the “free market will solve everything” approach of the state’s new head of the Department of Energy with the Insurance Commissioner’s very indirect support of federal flood insurance (he urges more people to get private flood insurance, most of which depends on federal backing).

The basic underlying tale is an obvious one: The global climate emergency is too big, too all-encompassing, too complex to be solved by letting everybody pursue their individual profit motive. Like a world war, it requires a large amount of top-down direction by a government which responds to the people through a representative democracy.


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