Vermont’s statewide utility Green Mountain Power has been given permission to life the cap on its home-battery program, reports Canary Media.

Customers who opt for the Powerwall pay the utility $55 per month for use of the battery, with no money down. The payments stop after 10 years, at which point the household can use the system for free until it stops working; then the utility will pick it up for safe disposal via recycling. The ​“bring your own device” offering pays households that buy and install their own battery system up to $10,500, a substantial chunk of the cost for popular models.

They’ve had this program for a while (here’s my 2020 story) but it was quite limited, just a few hundred people each year. Green Mountain Power is a small utility but not that small: It has about 270,000 customers.

Distributed storage will be an important part of electric utilities meeting the increasing demand from electrification. Nice to see somebody approaching it intelligently.

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