It’s kind of irritating how all the big manufacturing facilities spurred by the IRA and other green legislation are happening down south, where the anti-greenies are rampant. Cheap labor and cheap land prevail over politics.

So it’s nice that a company which hopes to make electric aircraft has opened a manufacturing plant in South Burlington, Vt., which is about as green as it gets.

Seven Days story is here. A snippet:

Beta Technologies is at the forefront of a global push to develop commercially viable electric planes that can take off and land vertically — like helicopters — and fly like jets. Though the much-hyped market for such planes remains uncertain, analysts consider Beta one of the nascent industry’s most promising startups. Since its founding in 2017, Beta has raised more than $700 million from investors, received valuations exceeding $1 billion and flown more than 26,000 miles on its prototype, dubbed Alia.

The company would use the craft to transport people and cargo. One of its more significant customers is UPS.

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