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EDIT: The bill was killed.

When I posted on reddit that two bills seeking to get NH to use gold and silver as currency were the dumbest proposed bills in the New Hampshire legislature this year, I was pointed to this chemtrail gem (HB1700):

AN ACT prohibiting the intentional release of polluting emissions, including cloud seeding, weather modification, excessive electromagnetic radio frequency, and microwave radiation and making penalties for violation of such prohibition.

SPONSORS: Rep. Gerhard, Merr. 25; Rep. Potenza, Straf. 19

COMMITTEE: Science, Technology and Energy

This seems to have plunged deep into the electromagnetic-conspiracy-theory world (not a world you want to be in) – but New Hampshire does have a history of laws about weather modification as I have noted a few times, most recently in 2021 (column is here)

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