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New Hampshire patents

The Concord Monitor runs a list of patents that have been issued recently to companies or individuals in New Hampshire, broken down a week at a time. If you’re in a patent-hunting mood, check it out:
N.H. data-visualization geeks, celebrate

N.H. data-visualization geeks, celebrate

Do you like data? Do you like data about demographics and economics and other topics that shape how the world works? Of course you do, Granite Geek fan. So UNH Carsey School of Public Policy has a treat for you: They’ve taken “What is New...

Goats vs. invasive weeds, an update

There are a ton of really horrible invasive weeds out there, but Japanese knotweed might be the horriblest. In the UK it has gotten so bad that you have trouble getting a mortgage if the plant is found within seven meters of your property line, partly because its...

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