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I’m off for most of the next week. To celebrate the arbitrary measurement point for the planet’s trip about the sun, and generate some easy content, let’s remind ourselves of some of the wonderful things we’ve learned about via GraniteGeek this year. In no particular order: 

Hydrogen economy in North Country mill:

Should we save this gigantic ash tree? It’s complicated.

Updating the old-fashioned shallow “dug” well.

N.H. colleges are adding esports teams and majors – even dorms.

What’s the difference between a hill and a mountain?

Tech history nerds: Concord had one of the first three-phase industrial power systems in the world!

This is the operating oldest solar panel in New Hampshire, say I. (Note: this is was my most-read column of the year online.)

This is a first: Due to solar panels, New England used more power at night than midday.

How NH was mapped before GPS – with burning torches on mountaintops.

Who still uses rotary phones in NH? A whole bunch of my readers.

At least 172 ski areas once existed in New Hampshire:

We love fishers in NH, we just don’t know how many we have.

“Deepfake” video tech echoes old N.H. ruling on morphed child porn pictures.

Nobody, not even Dean Kamen, wants to give the state a Stirling engine.

For my 15th wikipedia anniversary, I hunt down the creator of the first Concord article.





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