Looking through 2020’s posts on GraniteGeek was an exercise in “COVID took over everything” but I managed a few otherwise-overlooked items that had nothing to do with viruses. Here are some that caught my eye:

January: It’s legal for state employees to modify the weather.

January: No success for online college with Tolkien emphasis.

February: Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories” is helping a New Hampshire magazine.

May: There are 35 – soon, 34 – public payphones in Maine.

May: Katahdin gets East’s first “dark sky” designation.

July: Breeding isn’t saving the chestnut tree – genetic engineering might.

July: Wikipedia scoffs at lesser Mount Washingtons, and I face a wiki-quandary.

August: Any incandescent light bulbs left out there? With real data!

August: Rattlesnakes are part of New Hampshire culture.

September: We won’t be the Saudi Arabia of cellulosic biofuel, but it’s still a real thing.

November: Space Force comes to New Hampshire via a town with a weird gravity-related history.

As for the most popular article, I don’t keep those stats but I think it would be the series of stories that culminated in this:

December: That C-130 was testing a decontamination system before it was hauled through Concord

The C-130 going through Hopkinton last week. Buzz Whalen photo.
The C-130 going through Hopkinton last week. Buzz Whalen photo.

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